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There is a continuation of developing skills listed in the Intermediate Level. At this point there is usually a strong independent motivation on the part of the student harpist. Students usually have goals that are guided by their musical preferences, which may be for classical, ethnic or popular music, hopefully a balance of these. At this level, they are performing independently for weddings, receptions and other such functions, either solo, with a duet partner or with other instruments such as flute, violin or voice and in chamber music settings. They may be playing both pedal harp and lever (Celtic) harp.

Mary has had a number of students learn to self- accompany on the harp and learn, with her help, as it is a particular interest of hers, to write their own accompaniments or their own compositions for harp.

Seniors are mentors to younger players in ensemble classes. Royal Conservatory of Music examinations, practical and theoretical, may be used as high school credits, and can be an important addition to a resumé for post-secondary studies. Through ORMTA, students may participate in competitions for solo playing or composition writing. They may perform in the Kiwanis Music Festival harp classes, and other cultural festivals such as Irish, Scottish and Welsh, all cultures where the harp has been an important national instrument.

As a performing musician, Mary includes her senior and intermediate students in concert programs. Concerts over the past years have often included The Ottawa Youth Harp Ensemble.

Programs offered include:

  • private and group lessons for all ages and levels
  • harp ensembles - all levels
  • concerts, recitals and master classes
  • preparation for conservatory exams and festivals

Mary adapts her teaching program to the needs and interests of her students. Not everyone is interested or inspired by examination curriculum or festival participation. Aside from teaching playing skills, Mary's focus in teaching is to foster joy and confidence in making music for oneself and to share with others.


  Intermediate Harp Course Seniors Harp Course

For more information pertaining to programs, rates and schedules, please contact Mary Muckle at (613) 825-1379 or at mucklerice@rogers.com.

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