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Student Accomplishments

Kelly began taking harp lessons at age 9 and studied with Mary for 12 years. She recently completed her grade 10 RCM exam in harp. She has competed in the Kiwanis Music Festival for several years, winning scholarships and the Marion Dempsey Memorial Trophy. She was twice invited to compete at the provincial level, placing first once.

"Mary is an exceptional teacher. She is very knowledgeable and extremely good at imparting her knowledge to her students. Furthermore, she is extremely dedicated to her students and generous with her time. She is kind, compassionate, patient, and has the ability to bring out the very best in her students. I believe her gift for teaching is unparalleled. "


Julie Leduc studied harp with Mary for 12 years before being enrolled in the Bachelor of Music Harp Performance Program at the University of Toronto under the direction of Judy Loman. She won the Royal Conservatory of Music Silver Medal for her performance in Grade 4 and Grade 6 harp. She has competed numerous times in the Ottawa Kiwanis Music Festival winning first place standings, scholarships and the Marion Dempsey Memorial Trophy for Exceptional Harp Performance in 2007 and 2008. She performed in the Kiwanis Music Festival Highlights Concert in 2007 and 2008. She performed in the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival, Junior Risings Stars concert in 2008. She loves playing the harp and plans on a career in Harp Performance.


"Mary has been an inspiration to me; she has a passion for music, teaching and life. She is generous with her time and dedicated to her students. She always goes above and beyond in everything she does. She is an amazing person and is always full of insight about music and life. Although I am studying in Toronto, Mary continues to make time to give me lessons, tips and suggestions, she has made me the musician that I am today."

Ale started to take lessons with Mary when she was nine years old. She has been studying with Mary for ten years now and is currently working towards her RCM 9 exam. She has competed in the Kiwanis Music Festival every year since her second year with Mary. Ale received first place and a scholarship in her second Kiwanis Festival competition. Now a university graduate, she returns for lessons as her work schedule permits.


"I would recommend Mary to students interested in learning harp because her patience is outstanding. Mary is a very sweet woman who cares a lot about her students and their success in harp as well as in their lives."

Kenzie began lessons as a preteenager and continued through high school.  She completed with First Class Honours her RCM Grade VIII harp,  before enrolling in a science program at McGill University. 


"I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me over the past eight years. You have truly inspired me and opened up the world of music to me in a way that no one else ever has. Your love for music and teaching is clear. Thank you for all of the extra time you have given your students (i.e. marking theory, arranging and organizing the OYHE). I have been saddened over the past year thinking that this might have been my last year with you. But I think I might do as you suggest and keep my lever harp with me (at McGill) I would love to continue with my lessons (when I am home). Thank you for teaching me to love music. Love, Kenzie"

Marianne fell under the charm of the harp listening to a performer on the boardwalk while visiting Quebec City. Later that year, at the age of 9, Marianne started harp lessons with Mary and continued until she was accepted into the harp performance program, studying with Jennifer Swartz, at McGill University. 
"Mary makes music so much fun. She tells us the history behind the song, uses imagery and creativity. There's always a story behind the music. She helps me make a piece my own."


Kahlan began harp lessons as a child and continued through high school.   She is a gifted composer.   She is presently enjoying a year of exploration in Europe with her family .  Her parting gift  was a collection of her compositions  with the following note of appreciation.


You were always such a devoted, caring and patient teacher, and knowing you were there to support me made a huge difference in my life. It’s because of you that I’ve been able to explore so many different areas of music and I plan to pursue as many of them as possible. I can’t imagine not having a harp in my hands, and this feeling will carry on for the rest of my life. You taught me so much – how to play technically as well as with feeling, how to bring a piece to life, and how to make it my own – but above all you taught me how important it was to enjoy playing, and how to express that joy to others.”


Josée Leduc began taking music lessons with Mary when she was five years old. She had been begging Mary to teach her to play since she was two. Josée has competed in the Kiwanis Music festival winning multiple first place standings as well as many scholarships. Josée won the Silver Medal for her Grade 2 RCM exam and is currently working towards her grade 6 RCM.
"I like taking harp lessons with Mary because she is passionate about music, tells great stories and makes me believe I can do anything. She lets me sing and play the harp which I really like to do. She also writes songs for me and makes my lessons fun. I think Mary Muckle is the best harp teacher in the world!"

Alex was 7 years old when she first learned to play harp. She became interested in the harp when she was watching TV and saw people performing on the harp. She studied harp with Mary for four years. In 2009, Alex won the Marion Dempsey award for best musicianship in Harp at the Kiwanis Music Festival.


"I would recommend Mary because she is patient, kind, considerate and generous and that is what students need. I like Mary because she makes me realize that I can do things I thought I couldn't."


Charlotte Hofley won the Marion Dempsey Trophy for outstanding musicianship in the Kiwanis music festival, three years in a row - 2014, 2015 and 2016. She was the Kiwanis Provincial representative for harp in 2016 and was awarded silver for her performance.

"Mary to me is a kind genuine lady who helps me learn music in so many different ways.  She teaches me about the music theory and history as well as the technique.  Mary makes learning fun by coming up with fun phrases and symbols.  Mary would never harshly criticize a student.  She would just give them positive helpful suggestions.  I am so lucky that she is my teacher!"

Emily began studying harp with Mary in Grade 8 and continued through her high school years. She is currently in first year university with a focus on journalism.


"I love that Mary is very patient and kind. She does not get frustrated easily, if she does at all. She is very understanding and can play the harp beautifully."