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Intermediate lessons focus on:

  • a continuation of learning skills in solo and ensemble playing,
  • the developing of technical skills (finger patterns, strengthening exercises, finger independence ) on the harp,
  • music reading,
  • ear training and theory

Mary teaches a wide range of repertoire, being aware of the type of music that really interests each student as well as teaching a program with breadth of material. She teaches awareness of the history of the music being learned, for example information on composers and cultural context.

Mary continually encourages students to compose or arrange their own music and to learn the skill of writing down their own work. A student’s interest may include both lever and pedal harp at this point.

In the group classes of the Ottawa Youth Harp Ensemble , which Mary directs, students continue to build confidence in playing for others, not just in the classes but outside such a protective environment. Usually Mary's students will have worked together with a particular duet partner for some years at this point as well as in larger ensembles. They may play solo, duet and ensemble pieces competitively or non-competitively in music festivals such as the Kiwanis, Irish, Welsh or Scottish festivals in the Ottawa Valley.

Mary facilitates preparing and sitting for Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations, both practical and theoretical. Over the last 20 years, there have been many performance opportunities offered for students through the community, where the Ottawa Youth Harp Ensemble or individual harpists have been guest performers on concert programs.

Programs offered include:

  • private and group lessons for all ages and levels
  • harp ensembles - all levels
  • concerts, recitals and master classes
  • preparation for conservatory exams and festivals

Mary adapts her teaching program to the needs and interests of her students. Not everyone is interested or inspired by examination curriculum or festival participation. Aside from teaching playing skills, Mary's focus in teaching is to foster joy and confidence in making music for oneself and to share with others.


  Intermediate Harp Course Seniors Harp Course

For more information pertaining to programs, rates and schedules, please contact Mary Muckle at (613) 825-1379 or at mucklerice@rogers.com.

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