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We feel extremely lucky to have Mary as our daughter's music teacher. She has a gift and passion for music and for teaching."
Tom Lin

"The thing that I love most about Mary is how she teaches her students to make music come alive by inspiring them to see the imagery and to feel the emotions of each piece".
Roxane Morin

"Mary is fantastic! She's the one of the sweetest ,kindest, most patient most wonderful human beings I've ever known. Mary has the perfect combination of knowledge, passion for music and patience that go to make a truly outstanding music teacher. Her teaching has allowed Jennifer to translate her own passion for the harp into an ability to play for her own enjoyment and the delight of others."
Virginia Dunsby

"Mary gives every one of her students many opportunities to perform for an audience, which assisted in developing both Julie and Josée's strong, confident stage presence. Mary is an excellent example and mentor to everyone who meets her. I feel blessed to have her as part of my life and my children's lives."
Hélène Leduc

"Mary works hard at choosing pieces that she feels her students might like to play and would work with them to choose the right piece. She is also great at teaching her students and her audiences the background of many of the pieces they are playing."

Cathie Dy

"Mary is a talented multi-disciplined musician who writes, composes, arranges and teaches music. Mary is a patient, thoughtful, and dedicated teacher who genuinely cares for her students. She is able to customize her teaching to compliment the unique personality of each one of her students. I have seen my daughter and two nieces flourish under the musical guidance of Mary."
Julie Pryor